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im so depressed. i had a job interview today for a regular non-music store job. i thought it would be fine, but there was just something acheing inside of me.

there were so many things that i hated abuot my old store, but i mean, i'll always love it more than anything.

we need a music store anonymous or something.

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did you quit or get laid off?
I know the feeling, like, i like my wherehouse, allthough corperate is so stupid sometimes...scratch that, ALL THE TIME, and just really out of touch with the customers.
And Ive allready closed 1 store, they transfered me, and im being trained to be a manager now during my 2nd store closure.

But man, alot of these Music Store CORPERATIONS really dont know whats going on.
But theres just something about going to work at a place where all the homies who work there are into music just as much as you are, and you meet people who also are into music like a damn G too.

Allthough were all corperate monkeys there, and sometimes alot i feel like im ripping people off.
well, we're always wripping people off.

i quit. me and my friends were like, the store police trying to protect it because there were so many people stealing, and they were going to shut us down. we chased shop lifters and beat the living shit out of them. it was pretty cool. like, as long ad you took off your shirt that says where you worked, you could pretty much fuck them up and not get fired.

anyway, we ended up having 16% shrink anyway after so much time and energy. the managers like, locked all the doors and we had to be escourted to the bathroom and shit. and i guess thats what they needed to do, but they brought in all new managers that just assumed we were all scum, and we were all stealing, when i dedicated 2 years to stop the fucking stealing.

its just depressing. i mean shit, if that much shit was gonna go missing and they werent going to really do anything, id have a lot more boxsets right now.