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I work in a corporate music store. I love it and I hate it. This is a forum for anyone interested in the music store phenomenon to vent/praise/discuss/rant/cherish/log/note/mention/etc.
Please feel free to unload your two cents.
answering the phone, being lewd, being silly, being sneaky, best buy, breaks, buying music, concerts, dancing in the aisles, days off, discounts, discussing music, easy transactions, elitism, empire records, end of a shift, flirting with hot customers, food, freaks, geeks, getting away with murder, hating corporate, hating slow days, hating the boss, hating ticketmaster, hearing music, high fidelity, hot customers, interesting drama, knowing music, leering sometimes, living music, lunch breaks, mixtapes, mocking co-workers, mocking customers, movies about music stores, music, music fiends, music geeks, music stores, nice co-workers, nice customers, not getting in trouble, oddballs, ogling, overworked and underpaid, pan-genre expertise, pay day, personal jokes, pretending ticketmaster is broken, really weird customers, records, revenge on cruel customers, revenge on mean co-workers, sam goody, selling music, snickering amongst ourselves, superiority, telling jokes, the wherehouse, tower, tower records, wearing costumes, weirdos, wherehouse, whining about hunger, whining at slow days, working the register

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