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this community is too funny. hi, my name is dina, i just joined. i worked at sam goody for nearly 2 years of my life and it was the best/worst thing thats ever happened to me. i saw in the interestes "over worked and underpaid" and one of my managers always use to bitch about how we were all "over worked, underpaid, and under appreciated". i was at 4521 region 501 if anyone cares. i ended up quitting for sexual herassment charges my store decided to conviently look the other way to. the beginning was great but my store actually crashed and burned while i was working there. we had 2% shrik when i got there and the last inventory was 16%.

anyone else chase shop lifters? i chased one with a friend through snow for 8 blocks and then a cop saw us and grabbed him and like threw him down to the concrete. he was off duty and we had to wait 2 hours for a real cop to take him in. yea, lol.

anyway, hi, i'm new.
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